News from the CIC Board

First of all a big thank you to everyone who took part in our recent online survey. The CIC Board have listened to what you have said and have so far taken the following action:-

"You said the Centre was looking tired"

The Board agree and have arranged for not just the Hillyer Hall, Ash & Beech rooms but also the corridors to be repainted. This work will be undertaken during the next couple of months and we will ensure our hirer's are not inconvenienced wherever possible.

"You had concerns about the cleanliness of the centre"

The Board have arranged for the cleaners to increase the amount of times they clean the centre from twice to four times per week. We are also arranging for the cleaners to deep clean all of the floors throughout the centre and once the building work on the extension is completed and the Pre-School can move their equipment into the new store, we will arrange for the 2 changing rooms to be deep cleaned also. 

"You asked for some play equipment"

We have moved the fence back to the front entrance of the centre, so we have some more space for play equipment on the grassed area next to the Aviary Patio. Dave has met with the Operations and Maintenance Manager from Stowmarket Town Council (who are responsible for the play areas in the town), who have advised us that all play equipment has to be checked every week to comply with current Health & Safety regulations. The CIC Board have agreed to pay for Peter from the Aviary to attend the training course run by RoSPA and once this has been completed, we will be looking to install some play equipment.

The CIC Board would like local residents to help choose the play equipment and once we have a few ideas we will hold an open day where residents can come in to see the items we are considering and cast their vote for the equipment they would like us to install. 

"You were concerned about the litter around the site"

Litter is a big problem where you go, but thanks to members of the Cedars Park Residents Association, the Chair of the CIC Board and some local residents a litter pick was undertaken on 11th May and filled 10 bags, not just around the community centre but across the estate also. During the Whitsun half term weeek, 2 children from the holiday club, along with the pre-school manager, also undertook another liter pick around the centre carpark. There are bins both inside and outside the centre - please use them for your litter or take your litter home with you and put it in your own bin!

"New signage for the front entrance" 

The Board are in negotiations with a local blacksmith to provide brand new signage for the front entrance to the building.

"Respondents to the survey said they wanted more entertainment"

We are currently researching options available for evening events. We are also looking for suggestions from the community - so if you know of a good evening's entertainment, please let us know.


Residents will appreciate we are unable to do everything at once and we also have to consider the fact we have limited funds to make improvements.

If any resident has any ideas on how we can improve the centre further, the CIC Board will be delighted to hear from you. Please email with your suggestions.


Thank you